thetrio3 (thetrio3) wrote,

comfy chair

So I had a good weekend Jeff came down on friday and brought me some flowers and stuff and it was really sweet and then saturday I got a haircut and idk man I think hairdressers just do what they want and have no intentions of doing what you ask because I had a picture and dammit it looks nothing like the picture!!!!!! how can you go wrong if you are staring at what its supposed to look like! idk do you? well anyways then saturday night I hung out with Jeff he made me a rootbeer float which was awesome I think those are the best drinks of all time yeah Ive decied and Sunday was an adventure we didnt end up doing anything really just missed everything we had planned but it was fun still... and yeah Im so confused because tomorrow is already tuesday so Im all thrown off. So I came back today and I finished up my shoe project ( I had to build a shoe ) its pretty cool and I can get it on my foot which is what counts haha but other then that I hope this week goes by kinda fast. But thats about it!! <3 ash
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