thetrio3 (thetrio3) wrote,

yeah yeah yeah

SO its my birthday and Im 19 right? kind of exciting? I think not Ive decided that 19 is the most pointless age ever, think about it 18 is cool because you can go get a tattoo or a piercing and you can vote... 20 is cool because its 20 but 19 is just kind of there, nothing fun about it. But at the same time I guess you can look at it as just an age to enjoy and not do anything, no pressure for the stuff youre finally allowed to do at 18 because you've done it, and who really cares about being 20 that just sounds way to grown up and 19 is my last chance to be a kid I a way, haha well that random rant is over and Im just gonna wish myself happy birthday!!! haha because Im 19 and its awesome... except not <3 ashley
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Happy bday. 21 is the last interesting one.
No no I figure the last actual exciting birthday that you can get something out of something good, is when you turn 60 and get a senior citizen discount <3 ashley
Haha, good point. I'll look forward to that.

happy birthday beautiful! sooooo much?
so much handsome!!
Party it up on your day and I will talk to you later!
You better have tons of fun!!
Love Sunny
p.s. you are OLD! haha JFA
haha thanks sun actually Im spending the whole night sleeping! we had fire alarms go off last night around 2ish right when I had fallen asleep so I was outside all night and after classes Im wiped out so haha its an exciting one let me tell ya! and Im as young as I feel which lately is about 45 hahahahaha jk jk <3 ash